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Lauhala & Buri Gift Boxes Baskets "Sale"

Lauhala & Buri Gift Boxes Baskets "Sale"
Item# LauhalaBox
Regular Price: $1.99
Sale Price: $1.59, 10/$12.00, 100/$100.00

Product Description

Lauhala (darker and heavier straw) or
Buri (lighter color and straw)
gift boxes/baskets with lids are perfect for "Wedding Favors" or
as gift box for a small surprise on an important occasion.

-Please be aware that these products are made from natural material thus shapes and sizes are not 100% identical.

-Not all sizes boxes are available in large quantities at all times, although availability may change as these boxes are seasonal products.

-Prices: Different sizes, different prices, that is why you see AN ADDITIONAL COST between parentheses on the larger boxes:
red sale price PLUS additional cost between parentheses = the cost for the larger boxes.

-SHIPPING: if you are buying large quantities of the small boxes, your shipping will be a bit LESS than estimated.
If you are buying large quantities of the larger boxes, your shipping will be MORE than estimated, as we may need to ship in multiple packages.

-The boxes decorations are not included, they are just examples and you can buy some of the ornaments at: Hula, Party and Wedding Supplies

-If you are ordering these boxes for an event and need them on a certain date, we recommend you to order as soon as possible to make sure we can fill and ship the order on time.

To view the boxes better, click on the photo to see it larger.

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Please be aware that most of our products are handcrafted or
made from natural products and some of the products may not be 100% identical as seen on the photos.

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