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Car Seat Info and Measurements

Car Seat Info and Measurements
Item# CarSeatCoversInfo

Product Description

These car seat covers will fit most of the bucket seats for Sedans and SUVs
(they are not big enough for Chevy Tahoe, Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade).
We do not have a list of the cars these covers will fit.

Please use the measurements shown on the photo
to compare with your own car seats and
find out if our Hawaiian Print Car Front Seat Covers
will fit your car seats.

If your seats are close to these measurements they will fit properly.

All front seat covers are quilted cotton with
the hawaiian print design on the front side and
the back side of the seat is strechy nylon black backing with
no print that must be stretched around the sides,
around the back of the back rest seat and
a little under the seat to allow the seat covers
to accommodate bucket seats a little bit smaller or
bigger from these measurements.


Q: What type of car seats will the seat cover fit?
A: They are designed to fit most high back bucket seats for cars, trucks and minivans.

Q: Will they fit bucket seats with arm rests?
A: No.

Q: Will they fit 60/40 bucket seats?
A: No, because both seat covers are the same size.

Q: Will they fit new car models with side airbags?
A: No, they will not fit seats with side airbag.

Q: Will they fit seats that have the seatbelts coming out of the seats?
A: No, because there are no holes in the covers to let the seatbelts out.

Q: Will the black nylon backing on the covers run?
A: Like all material nylon will run or rip if cut with a sharp object or is very tightly stretched.

Q: Will they fit straight square bucket seats?
A: No, these covers gradually taper near the top of the head rests.

Q: Do you custom make different Hawaiian print bucket seats covers to fit other cars?

Q: Can we buy material to match and make our own covers?
A: Sorry, we do not sell the material only.

Q: Can I wash these?
A: Yes, they are machine washable with cold water.

Q: What is the difference between Hawaiian quilted seat covers and non-quilted covers?
A: Non-quilted covers are made of a durable 100% cotton canvas.
Quilted covers are made with an inner 1/4" polyester padding quilted into the fabric are a little more comfortable.

Q: How long will these covers last?
A: Although quality fabrics and workmanship are used to create these covers they can wear out, fade and come apart at the seams over time and use.

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