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"Keiki" Kids Corner
"Sales & Specials"
2023 Calendars "SALE"
2023 Wall Calendars "Free Shipping"
3 Pens Pack "Free Shipping"
3 Pieces Kitchen Set "Free Shipping"
Abalone Earrings "Free Shipping"
Abalone Shell Pendants "Free Shipping"
Accessories Bags Totes
Aloha Beach Towels "Free Shipping"
Aloha Decal Stickers "Free Shipping"
Aloha Stadium T-Shirts "Free Shipping"
Aloha Sun Shades "Free Shipping"
Aloha Wear Wine Bottle Covers "Free Shipping"
Badge Magnets "Free Shipping"
Bamboo Fans "Free Shipping"
Bamboo Placemats "Free Shipping"
Bar and Kitchen
Beach Towels
Beach Towels, 60" x 30" "Free Shipping"
Bottle Openers "Free Shipping"
Bottle Openers "Free Shipping"
Boys Aloha Shirt
Boys Hawaiian Shirts "Free Shipping"
Braided Kukui Nuts Leis "Free Shipping"
Braided Raffia Ropes "Free Shipping"
Buri Gift Tote Bags
Buri Hand Fan
Cans and Bottles Coolers ""Free Shipping""
Car Seat Covers
Car Seat Info and Measurements
Ceramic Coasters "Free Shipping"
Ceramic Hawaiian Tikis Shot Glasses "Free Shipping"
Chocolate Macadamia Nuts - Hawaiian Host "Free Shipping"
Christmas "SALE"
Christmas Cards "Free Shipping"
Christmas Ornaments ""Free Shipping""
Class Of 2023 Kukui Nuts Leis "Free Shipping"
Coconut Bark Bracelets "Free Shipping"
Coconut Beads Bracelets & Necklaces "Free Shipping"
Coconut Bikini Top "Free Shipping"
Coconut Bowls "Free Shipping"
Coconut Ornaments
Coconut Rosettes Rings, Lei Making Spacers "Free Shipping"
Coffee Mugs "Free Shipping"
Coin Purses "Free Shipping"
Collectible Plush Stuffed Animals "Free Shipping"
Colored Kukui Nut Kids Leis "Free Shipping"
Colored Kukui Nut Necklaces "Free Shipping"
Compact Mirror "Free Shipping"
Cowrie Shells Doily, Coasters and Trivets "Free Shipping"
Customers FEEDBACK
Decals, Stickers 2"x2" "Free Shipping"
Die-Cut Luggage Tags, Bag Tags "Free Shipping"
Door Mat "Free Shipping"
Door Mats & Rugs
e-Gift Cards
Earrings and Pony-O Set "Free Shipping"
Eco Tote Shopping Bags "Free Shipping"
Embroidered Patch Collection "Free Shipping"
Embroidery Luggage Bag Tags "Free Shipping"
EXTRA LARGE Blanket Beach Towels "Free Shipping"
Fimo Flower Hair Picks "Free Shipping"
Fimo Flower Pony O "Free Shipping"
Flavored Macadamias - Mauna Loa "Free Shipping"
Foam Flowers Earrings "Free Shipping"
Foldable Eco Bags "Free Shipping"
Foldable Eco Tote Shopping Bags "Free Shipping"
Food Of Hawaii
Gift Cards
Gift Tote Bags "Free Shipping"
Gift Wrap
Gifts and Souvenirs
Gifts Keepsake Shells Boxes "Free Shipping"
Globe Glass Ornaments "Free Shipping"
Glossy Christmas Ornaments "Free Shipping"
Got To Be Hawaiian Beach Towels "Free Shipping"
Grass Hula Skirt Set "Free Shipping"
Hair Picks "Free Shipping"
Half Cut Kukui Nut Necklace, Hawaiian Leis "Free Shipping"
Hand Crafted Shells Rings
Handmade Photo Albums "Free Shipping"
Hardcover Photo Albums "Free Shipping"
Hawaii State Flags Towels "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Caps and Hats "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Ceramic Tiles Trivets "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Deluxe Wall 2023 Calendars "Sold Out"
Hawaiian Designs Playing Cards "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Fabric Covered 184 Photos Albums "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Fabric Covered 92 Photos Albums "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Floral Aprons "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Food and Drink Books "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Host Chocolate 12 Packages "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Hula Dressing "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Kona Coffee (Free Shipping)
Hawaiian Large Tote Bags "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Music CDs "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Print Face Masks
Hawaiian Print Ukulele "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Sea Salt - Alaea "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Shirts "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Stickers "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Sun Jam "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Sun Tan Care
Hawaiian Tropical Flavors Teas "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Trucker Hats "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian U Shape Mugs "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Umbrellas "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Wear
Hawaiian Wear Boys Shirt and Shorts Set "Free Shipping"
Hawaiian Wine Glasses "Free Shipping"
Headwear Caps "Free Shipping"
Heritage Bangles "Free Shipping"
Hibiscus Wood Beads Jewelry "Free Shipping"
Home and Office
Honu Print Cooler Bags "Free Shipping"
Hula Dance Implements Puilis, Poi Balls "Free Shipping"
Hula Doll Outfit with Implements "Free Shipping"
Hula Dolls "Free Shipping"
Hula Dolls "SALE"
Hula Dolls Key Chains "Free Shipping"
Hula Implements - Ipus "FREE SHIPPING"
Hula Skirt Set with Coconut Bra "Free Shipping"
Hula Supplies, Wedding Baskets
Insulated Eco Tote Cooler Bags "Free Shipping"
Island Canvas Totes Bags "Free Shipping"
Island Princess Macadamia Chocolate Nuts "Free Shipping"
Island Style Canvas Tote Bags "Free Shipping"
Islands Beach Towels, 60" x 30" "Free Shipping"
Islands Memories Photos Albums "Free Shipping"
Islands Placemats "Free Shipping"
Kauai Kookies "Always Ship Fresh + Free Shipping"
Key Chains & Magnets
Keychains and Charms "Free Shipping"
Kids Beach Towels "Free Shipping"
Koa Wood Earrings "Free Shipping"
Koa Wood Pendants and Earrings "Free Shipping"
Kukui Nut Bracelets "Free Shipping"
Kukui Nut Earrings "Free Shipping"
Kukui Nut Necklaces, 18" Chokers "Free Shipping"
Kukui Nuts and Shells Leis "Free Shipping"
Kukui Nuts and Shells Leis "Free Shipping"
Kukui Nuts Leis, Loose Kukui Nuts & Much More. Click Here!!
Lamp Shades "Free Shipping"
Lanyards "Free Shipping"
Lapel Pins "Free Shipping"
Laser Cut Wood Trivets "Free Shipping"
Lauhala & Buri Small Gift Boxes Baskets
Lauhala and Shells Coasters
Lauhala Bamboo Photo Frames
Lauhala Beach Hula Tote Bags
Lauhala Clutches Handbags
Lauhala Folders "Free Shipping"
Lauhala Gift Baskets
Lauhala Gift Boxes Baskets "SALE"
Lauhala Gift Boxes Sets of 4 "Free Shipping"
Lauhala Gift Tote and Wine Bags "FREE SHIPPING"
Lauhala Placemats "Free Shipping"
Lauhala Pouches "Free Shipping"
Lauhala Rosettes
Lava Rock Business Cards Holder "Free Shipping"
Lava Rock Coasters "Free Shipping"
Leatherette Luggage ID Tags "Free Shipping"
License Plates "Free Shipping"
Light Switch Covers ""Free Shipping""
Luggage ID Tags, Bag Tags "Free Shipping"
Luggage Straps "Free Shipping"
Luggage Tags, Bag Tag, ID Tags "Free Shipping"
Magnetic Bottle Opener "Free Shipping"
Magnets "Free Shipping"
Mesh Beach Shopping Tote Bags "Free Shipping"
Metal Bottle Openers "Free Shipping"
Mini Dashboard Hula Dolls "Free Shipping"
Mini Surfboard "Free Shipping"
Monstera Wooden Napkin Holder "Free Shipping"
Mother of Pearl Shell Earrings "Free Shipping"
Mother of Pearl Shell Necklaces "Free Shipping"
Mother of Pearl Shell Pendants with Fresh Water Pearl "Free Shipping"
Mother Pearl Hibiscus Bracelet "Free Shipping"
Natural Kukui Nuts 32" Leis "Free Shipping"
Neoprene Wristlets "Free Shipping"
Nohea Dolls "Free Shipping"
OPIHI Shells Turtle Pendants "Free Shipping"
Other Hawaiian Web Sites You May Like To Check It Out
Painted Flowers Kukui Nut Necklaces "Free Shipping"
Painted Turtles Kukui Nuts Necklaces "Free Shipping"
Pancakes Mix and Syrup "Free Shipping"
Photo Albums and Frames
Photo Frames "Free Shipping"
Picture Frames "Free Shipping"
Pill Boxes "Free Shipping"
Pineapple Key Chains and Magnets "Free Shipping"
Playing Cards, Games
Plumeria Flower Hair Clip "Free Shipping"
Popcorn Macadamia Nuts "Free Shipping"
Puka Shell Necklaces, Bracelets, Anklets "Free Shipping"
Purse Hooks "Free Shipping"
PVC Luggage Tags "Free Shipping"
Quilted Car Front Seats Covers "Free Shipping"
Rare Tiger Puka Shells "Free Shipping"
Rattan Placemats
REAL Kukui Nuts - Drilled Loose Beads
Red Wood Ukuleles, Hawaiian Guitars "Free Shipping"
Royal Hawaiian Body Lotion "Free Shipping"
Salt & Pepper Shakers "Free Shipping"
Sand and Shells Gift Bottles "Free Shipping"
Sandstone Coasters "Free Shipping"
Sea Shells Night Lights "Free Shipping"
Shark Tooth Pendant "Free Shipping"
Shell and Kukui Nut Bracelets "Free Shipping"
Shell Leis: Abalone, Opihi, Mongo or Clam "Free Shipping"
Shell Strand
Shells Jewelry Keepsake Boxes "Free Shipping"
Shells Jewelry, Clam & Pink Lip "Free Shipping"
Shot Glass "Free Shipping"
Solar Motion Mini Dolls "Free Shipping"
Solid Colors Beach Towels "Free Shipping"
Stainless Steel Water Bottle "Free Shipping"
Stick Notes, Shopping List "Free Shipping"
Sticker, Decals 4" x 4" "Free Shipping"
Stickers and Stationary
Stickers, Decals 7"x2" "Free Shipping"
Surf Cars with Surfboards "Free Shipping"
Surfboard and Slippers Magnets "Free Shipping"
Surfboard Book Marker "Free Shipping"
Surfboard Shape Key Chains "Free Shipping"
Surfing and Beach
The Hawaiian Ukulele Books
Tiki Ambient Light "Free Shipping"
Tiny Tote Paper Gift Bags "Free Shipping"
Travel Accessories
Travel Mugs, Thermal Tumblers "Free Shipping"
Travel Wallets "Free Shipping"
Tropical Carved Wooden Photo Frames "Free Shipping"
Tropical Decor Door Mats "Free Shipping"
Tropical Nightlights "Free Shipping"
Ukuleles, Guitars
Uli Ulis - Hula Implements "Free Shipping"
Wall Door Signs "Free Shipping"
Wall or Door Bamboo Signs "Free Shipping"
Wall or Table Signs "Free Shipping"
Warrior Helmet, Ika Ika Makaki'i "Free Shipping"
Water Buffalo Bone Pendants "Free Shipping"
Water Globes "Free Shipping"
Welcome to The Islands Beach Towels "Free Shipping"
White Kukui Nut Leis Painted Multicolor Hibiscus "Free Shipping"
Wine Gift Bags "Free Shipping"
Wine Markers "Free Shipping"
Wood Hook Pendants "Free Shipping"
Wooden Beads Necklaces "Free Shipping"
Wooden Bowls
Wooden Bowls and Plates Click Here
Wooden Chop Boards
Wooden Coasters "Free Shipping"
Wooden Condiment Set Tray
Wooden Dishes
Wooden Earrings "Free Shipping"
Wooden Key Chain Island Style "Free Shipping"
Wooden Kitchen Helpers
Wooden Magnets "Free Shipping"
Wooden Ornaments "Free Shipping"
Wooden Ornaments "Free Shipping"
Wooden Pendants "Free Shipping"
Wooden Puzzles
Wooden Salad Hands and Servers
Wooden Salad Sets
Wooden Trays
Wooden Uli Ulis Stands "Free Shipping"
Wooden Wall Signs "Free Shipping"
Woven Eco Shopping Tote Bags "Free Shipping"
Wristlets "Free Shipping"