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Hawaiian Kona Coffee (Free Shipping)

Hawaiian Kona Coffee (Free Shipping)
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Product Description

Royal Kona Coffee is a blend combining 10% Kona coffee and fine arabica coffee, all purpose grind.
As with all Royal Kona Coffees, these blends are gluten-free and do not contain nut allergens.
They are best-selling favorites on a medium roasted to suit most people's tastes or indicated otherwise.
Chef Series Coffees are proprietary blends created by Hawaii’s own legendary Chefs and served exclusively in their restaurants; nowhere else.

Sam Choy’s Volcano Roast 10% Kona Coffee Blend is served in Sam’s award-winning restaurant.
This medium-dark custom roast is the perfect finish to his gourmet meals.

Roy’s Pacific Roast 10% Kona Coffee Blend is the favorite finish to a meal by Chef Yamaguchi, and served in his award-winning restaurants.
A bit on the darker side of a Vienna Roast done to perfection every time.
Now you can enjoy this specialty blend after your own meals!

The Vanilla Macadamia 10% Kona Blend Coffee flavor is a delicate combination of rich natural vanilla and Hawaii's own macadamia nut flavorings.

The Chocolate Macadamia 10% Kona Blend Coffee flavor is a smooth Kona blend with the richness of milk chocolate and the exotic flavor of macadamia nut.
A favorite combination of flavors sure to bring a smooth start to your day.
Also a perfect compliment for after-dinner beverages.

Toasted Coconut 10% Kona Coffee Blend flavor has an incredible combination of a rich 10% Kona coffee blend and the buttery sweet flavor of toasted coconuts.
Very popular with tourists and locals alike.

The French Roast 10% Kona Coffee Blend is the darkest, most intense Kona coffee, offering a smokiness that is smoothed by Kona notes.
A favorite of those who prefer dark roast coffee and lovers of strong coffee character.

All flavors are delicious, aromatic and so indescribably satisfying.

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