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Hawaiian Sea Salt - Alaea

Hawaiian Sea Salt - Alaea
Item# HawaiianSalt
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Product Description

Alaea salt are perfect to spice up your meal with hawaiian flavors.
Alaea salt, referred to as Hawaiian salt, is an unrefined sea salt that has been mixed with a red alae volcanic clay.
It get its pink and brownish color from the particles of volcanic red clay.
It is part of Native Hawaiian cuisine and is used to season dishes such as kalua, poke, and pipikaula (Hawaiian jerky).
It was also used to cleanse, purify and bless tools, canoes, homes and temples.
It is also used in Native Hawaiian cuisine and fusion style cuisine of Hawaii.


#1 - 100% Alaea Salt 4oz Jar: Solar evaporated sea salt, Red Alaea.

#2 - Grilling Salt 4oz Jar: rock salt, Alaea salt, granulated garlic, ginger powder, and dried onions.

#3 - Herb Spices Salt 4oz Jar: rock salt, Alaea salt, granulated garlic, ginger powder, black pepper and herb blend.

#4 - Hawaiian Salt Assorted Tube Classic Blend 3 Tubes 2.5oz each contains: Hawaiian Sea Salt, Red Alaea Salt and Black Sea Salt.

#5 - Hawaiian Salt Assorted Blend 3 Tubes 2.5oz each contains: Red Alaea Salt, Herb Spices and Grilling Salt.

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