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Natural Kukui Nuts 32" Leis

Natural Kukui Nuts 32" Leis
Item# KukuiNut32
Regular Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $8.99, 2/$16.00, 10/$70.00

Product Description

Our 32 kukui nuts necklaces are aprox. 32 inches long made of First Class, REAL kukui nuts.
Each and every single nut is unique (color and size vary slightly) and measure approximately one inch diameter, although necklaces are made with incremental size nuts. Black and Brown kukui nuts are polished and shiny.
Tiger kukui nuts are the original kukui nuts, they are black/white/grayish and have a rough looking and they are not polished or smooth. They are heavier and bigger than the solid colors.
Marble is cream with brown strips.
Tricolor or Mixed kukui nuts necklaces are made with the polished, shiny and comes with alternate brown, black and white nuts.
Polished White (not colored white) is seasonal and they are really cream/sand color. Sometimes they come with tiny spots on the two ends of the nut near by the holes because these are real, natural nuts.
If you are looking for white paper color nuts, please check it out the colored white nuts necklaces at:
colored kukui nuts necklaces
Unpolished White kukui nuts are not white color, they are light cream/sand color and have the same texture as the tiger (natural nut): little bit rough and not polished or shinning.
These necklaces are made tying the nuts up on a single 1/2 inch satin ribbon string or a double 1/4 inch.

Sorry, we are sold out on the #7-UnpolishedWhite, no ETA for now.

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